Market leader in release agents for the food industry. Our products help bakers throughout the UK to work cleaner and more economically.

Clean, efficient and more economical working methods in the bakery?

DÜBÖR United Kingdom
Helping bakers to improve their performance. That’s absolute central in DÜBÖR’s service provision. Our products help bakers throughout the UK to work in a cleaner, more efficient and more economical manner.

No allergens

No minerals

100% pure vegetable oil

No hardened oils

Concentrated formula

Cleaner working

Every baker will undoubtedly recognise it: greasing baking tins, plates and moulds will often turn into a nightmare.

You’ll quickly use too much of the release spray, the oil atomises above your workbench, or your baking isn’t properly released.

Resulting in failure. And a costly waste.

Metering oil which falls short, causing dough to stick to the funnel and resulting in dough pieces of different weights.

Less downtime, more efficiency

We want to demonstrate that things can be done differently at DÜBÖR. A cleaner and better baking process and especially with increased efficiency, as there’s less waste and because oil will no longer be wasted. Good release = pure profit.

Less is more

Our release spray doesn’t stick and is economical in use. DÜBÖR’s 100% vegetable oil is odourless, tasteless, allergen-free and has a high combustion temperature, which will make burning your creations a thing of the past. Spraying has never been so easy and clean, thanks to our spraying and greasing machines.


We continuously test all our products and machines in practical settings. We use all the experiences we acquire to make our products even better. And whether you’re a small artisan baker or an industrial baker, we pride ourselves in providing everyone with the exact same service, attention and care.

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Please visit the website for more information about the products.


Please visit the website for more information about the products.

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